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How To Determine Natural Gas Heating Value

Natural gas prices are something that the average person does not really spend a lot of time thinking about unless they are heating their house with it in the wintertime and they live where it is cold. However, natural gas prices are something that affect all of us to a very great degree. How so? Well, not only does it determine how much we pay to heat our homes if they are heated using natural ga Read More...

Texas Land For Sale-Mineral Rights And Land Values

Many people who buy land and even houses in Texas are unaware if they own their mineral rights of not, Realtors wanting a deal to close or land owner that did not disclose if he sold the mineral rights with the land he sold just to make a sale, there are many ways to end up with land and not your minerals with it. Why should you care and what could the potential consequences be for not knowing if Read More...

Natural Gas Heating & Air Conditioning Units Are Money Savers for West Coasters

The cost of the average electric heating & air conditioning unit is generally not a very cost efficient way to go.  Although, some areas of the country do not have access to natural gas, for the most part it is the cheapest option.  On the West Coast, it costs pennies on the dollar to heat a home with this form of energy           as opposed to your other options.   Near the Pacific Ocean oil Read More...

Worldwide usage of Natural Gas

The technology is now creating new energy for the country making it realize its 100 - yrs of natural gas supply which it was not aware of until few years back. America is now on a spree to drill out all the possible natural gas reserves Today, the natural gas and oil industry has employed nearly 4 million people, giving them a good source of income and livelihood. It contributes over $385 billion, Read More...

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